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It's Fur Real Mobile Pet Spa
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Dog Add On Services
All pets our assessed, at the beginning of the grooming session,to choose the proper shampoo/conditioner for the pets skin and coat type. These products are included in every groom at no additional charge.

The 2 exceptions to this are Flea Baths and Mud Baths.

All pets found to have fleas will be bathed in a quality flea shampoo at the owners expense.
Flea Bath.....$8.00

Mud Baths.....$10.00

Nail Buffing.....$8.00

Plaq Clnz Dental Treatments...$10.00

De Sheds....$10.00


De matting...$1/minute at the stylists discretion

We choose Humanity over Vanity!

Surcharges may be added for excessively matted pets and pets with aggressive behaviour
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