Overview Dog Services

IFRMPS really is a spa for pets. Gentle, compassionate, skilled grooming in a calm, clean environment. Quality products to enhance every coat type and maintain the health of the skin. Hydrotherapy baths and mini massage and facial treatments are a part of each service at no extra charge.


Bath and Brush

An initial assessment of skin and coat to determine the correct products to produce the best results. Toenails are cut to the appropriate length. Ears are cleaned. During the bath each pet receives a facial to clean face and muzzle and help reduce tear staining. A mini massage is given during the Hydrotherapy bath and each pet is hand dried. All pets are thoroughly brushed and combed. Anal glands done by request.

$80.00/hr with a minimum of $65



Mini Groom

This service starts with the Premier Bath & Brush Service followed by a light trim of the face, feet and sanitary area. This service is available for pets whose coats are in good condition. Matting and excessive shedding may incur surcharges

$80.00/hr with a minimum of $65



Full Service Groom

This service also starts with The Premier Bath & Brush followed by a full body haircut to your pet's breed specifications along with any personal modifications.

$80.00/hr with a minimum of $65. Most small breeds, in good condition, take approximately an hour to an hour and a half. 

Dog Add On Services

All pets our assessed, at the beginning of the grooming session,to choose the proper shampoo/conditioner for the pets skin and coat type. These products are included in every groom at no additional charge.

The 2 exceptions to this are Flea Baths and Mud Baths.

All pets found to have fleas will be bathed in a quality flea shampoo at the owners expense.

Flea Bath.....$10.00

Mud Baths.....$10.00

Nail Buffing.....$8.00

Plaq Clnz Dental Treatments...$10.00

De Sheds....$10.00


De matting...$1/minute at the stylists discretion

We choose Humanity over Vanity!

Surcharges may be added for excessively matted pets and pets with aggressive behavior

Mud Bath Add On $10.00. Relieves red itchy skin, soothes and remove toxins that cause some irritations.

Mud Bath Add On $10.00. Relieves red itchy skin, soothes and remove toxins that cause some irritations.